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Production of Dietary Fibers from Apples

The Department of Food Technology is mainly focusing on research and development projects in the field of food production, starting from primary agricultural production (with the focus on animal husbandry) through the processing and up to the commercialization.
The priorities of research on food technology are the use of raw materials produced by agriculture and horticulture practices and their processing to high quality and safety food products. The applied mechanical, thermal, biological and chemical procedures are oriented towards high environmental standards, they are innovative and resource-conserving and improve the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises of the food industry.
The animal husbandry as a field of the primary agricultural production comprises in the research and development activity of the department the priorities of the assessment of animal welfare of husbandry systems (cattle, pork, poultry and horse husbandry and aquaculture) with the help of sensor-supported animal monitoring, which also allows an early detection of diseases. Furthermore some projects with the objective of an improved animal feed by developing innovative fodders also belong to this area.
Furthermore both key aspects find themselves in studies, plannings and reports which are divided into the superior theme of the development of rural areas (agricultural production enterprises, agricultural structures, environment and nature protection) and the development of regional added value (regional products from the fruit and vegetable segment, pastries, meat and sausages, aquaculture fishes, native fibers).

Lines of research


The smardwatch® - Telemetric Continuous Monitoring for Animals

  • Food technology
    • Preventive food systems based on health-promoting lipids and processes of encapsulation of oxidation-sensitive oils by means of innovative emulsion technology.
    • Dietary fiber enrichment of bakery products by means of new types of fruit-based dietary fibers
    • Non-alcoholic beverages on the basis of fermented fruit juices
    • Development of new types of fermentation procedures for raw sausage products
    • Innovative combination products from sausage and bakery products
    • Extraction of animal biopolymers (collagen) from food processing by-products for applications in the non-food area
  • Animal husbandry
    • Analysis and assessment of the animal-friendliness of housing systems for livestock
    • Development of new types of sensor-supported monitoring procedures for different species of livestock.
    • Development of new types of dry fodders for aquaculture fish species

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  • Research and development activities
    • Product and process innovations for the development of functional food products (use of new types of vegetable oils, functionalized fibers, beverages with functional additional benefits etc.)
    • Resource recovery from by-products of food processing (sugars, polysaccharides, proteins etc.)
    • Product and process innovations to processvegetable raw materials (plant proteins, by-products, fruits etc.)
    • Product and process innovations to process animal raw materials with special regard to the physiological and technological functionality of raw, scalded and cooked sausages (new type of fermentation procedures, fat replacers, combination products etc.)
    • Animal monitoring / animal husbandry systems (to improve animal health and welfare)
    • Innovative technologies for the production of novel fodders from the food processing by-products
  • Know-How Transfer
    • Consultations, status seminars and workshops in SMEs after successfully finished research projects
    • Feasibility studies, regional and supra-regional plannings, patent researches and market studies
    • Implementation and management of networks
    • Practical tests (on a laboratory and pilot plant scale and in agricultural test areas) for SME without own research capacities
    • Analyses of food ingredients
    • Supervision of academical graduation works and internships
    • Organization and realization of professional excursions in the fields of food technology and animal husbandry systems



Ensiled Fish By-products for the Fabrication of Dry Feed Pellets

Head of Department:
Dipl.-Ing. Adam Erdös
Tel: +49-(0)30-2093 6359