Department of Biogenic Raw Materials

gruenes Gleis

General Presentation

The research and development work at the department of Technology of the Production and Processing of Raw Materials focuses on the production as well as on the material and energy exploitation of biogenic raw materials. At the same time, the main focus lies especially on the material processes of biogas production (substrate processing, use of fermentation residues). The development and use of vegetation systems in urban areas represents another line of research. Especially in the field of the greening of track beds (“green track”) the department has obtained the status of a Center of Excellence at the interface between theory and practice. It is involved in research and development tasks in the field of ecological construction and in the frame of urban and settlement ecology. The technical equipment of the department comprises:

  • A biogas research plant
  • A research plant for the measurement of soil respiration
  • An agricultural experiment station (15 ha)
  • A wire greenhouse
  • Biological climatic chambers
  • Laboratories

Main Focuses

  • Biogenic raw materials:
    • Extraction of valuable substances from animal and plant waste products
    • Biogas production with special regard to the input and output substrates as well as to the process optimization
    • Development of flocculants and surfactants on the basis of renewable raw materials
    • Extraction and use of enzymes from waste products from the edible mushroom production
  • Plant systems:
    • Plant and crop cultivation
    • Eco-efficient use of fermentation products from biogas plants
    • Technical vegetation systems
    • Greening of buildings (“green roof”)
    • Greening of track beds (“green track”)
    • Cultivation mats and fertilizer pellets from sheep wool
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Service offerings

  • Development and proposal preparation of national and international R&D projects
  • Implementation of biological test procedures to assess the quality of substrates and soils
  • Execution of vessel and field tests on agronomic issues
  • Execution of incubation experiments under anaerobic and aerobic conditions in the biogas research plant and in the respective plant for the measurement of soil respiration
  • Chemical analysis of the most different substrates
  • Development of concepts and scenarios for agricultural and urban ecological needs
  • Support of academic graduation works and internships
  • Organization and conduction of national and international scientific specialized conferences


Head of Department:
Boris Habermann, Graduate Engineer
Tel.: (+49) 30 2093 6112